• Infernum ist gerettet


    Investoren und Gläubiger unterstützen Restrukturierungsprozess Berlin, 30. Januar – Am Donnerstagvormittag wurde in Berlin die Fortführung der Infernum Productions AG durch den gewählten Gläubigerausschuss beschlossen. Zuvor wurden mehrere Angebo...

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  • Thadrea Rising


    Thadrea Rising New region unveiled Berlin 08/10/2014: Infernum Productions is proud to announce that the fantasy MMO Dragon’s Prophet has just unveiled a new region known as Thadrea. The highland of Thadrea brings a story of royal intrigue and dark magic that players...

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  • One Year Stronger


    One Year Stronger Dragon’s Prophet begins its one-year anniversary celebrations Berlin , 18th September: It’s time to celebrate in the realm of Auratia! It’s been one year since the dragontastic MMO Dragon’s Prophet was officially released – an...

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  • The Nightmare Begins


    The Nightmare Begins - New update brings the nightmare to life in Hazard Ops - Berlin, 16/09 /2014: After the successful release of the intense third-person shooter, Hazard Ops, Infernum Productions has today released a gruesome new update: Living Nightmares. The first cont...

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  • There‚Äôs A New Mother of Dragons


    Media Alert There’s A New Mother of Dragons New Dragon Hatching feature introduced in Dragon’s Prophet Berlin, 8 th September:Dragon riders from all over Auratia can now hatch their own dragons. To acquire rare and powerful dragons, players need to utilize th...

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