Welcome to the corporate website of Infernum Productions AG.

"In the future, we’ll be able to experience virtual worlds anywhere, at any time, so it will no longer be a question of which platform to develop for, but more about how to connect the various devices. This will ultimately result in a much broader gaming experience and permanent community bonding. This also means bridging the trans-media gap, so that books, films and comics can be created for the relevant virtual world to enable players to also engage with the theme outside the game world itself."
Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO Infernum Productions AG

Infernum is an international publisher and operator of online games founded by online game business veterans. Our focus is MMO games (massively multiplayer online games) as well as social and mobile entertainment. Our headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany.

Experience at your service

Infernum is a hand-picked team of online gaming experts. Our people have worked on many international MMOG success stories in many countries across Europe and North America.

Passion for online gaming

In our virtual worlds, we share with our players a playground for epic adventure, social interaction and truly great entertainment.

AAA Free to play

We are committed to delivering a high quality gaming experience combined with the customer-friendly "free to play" model.

Community is the core

The people at Infernum are passionate gamers. That’s why we understand the importance of putting the player at the heart of our considerations. By bringing together social networks, mobile devices and online gaming, we create and maintain long-term relationships with our communities.

Transmedia & Cross-platform

We create transmedial brands that reach wide audiences through an innovative cross-platform approach.